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About Us

1st Generation 1949-1985


We opened for business in 1949 as Price Brothers Service Station, a Sinclair gas station. The war was over and the post-war boom was beginning. Jobs were being created and people had money to buy cars and money to buy extras for their car. Only one problem! There was no place around to find car accessories and few accessory items were being manufactured.

Our founders, Ed Price Sr and Fred Price Sr, saw a golden opportunity to fill a need after several of their gas customers began asking where to find automotive accessories. Accessories in those days were such things as extra taillights, mirrors, chrome exhaust tips, ventshades, fuzzy dice, continental kits for cars and so forth. So Ed and Fred opened Price Brothers Auto Supply Co. and began stocking accessories. The business grew like a weed, so much so, that in the 60's, they closed the service station and put all their time and resources into the wholesale and retail auto accessory market. From the second warehouse distributor of auto accessories in N.C. to go into business to "Western Carolina's Largest Accessory House" in the 60's, we have now progressed from regional sales to a national supplier. From fender skirts, headlight shields and hood ornaments in the 50's to intakes, nerf bars, ventvisors and car bras in the 90's, we continue to ad lines and quality merchandise. Our oldest line is Auto Ventshade Co, becoming a w/d in 1952. We last year became the longest survivor of all Auto Ventshade's distributors, becoming their oldest customer still in business and also one of their largest.

In 1978, major changes began to occur. Our name changed to Price Automotive Warehouse Co. when Fred purchased Ed's part of the company. Then in 1985, Fred Sr passed away from cancer (Ed died in July of 1997) and Fred's family purchased the business and incorporated in December of 1985 as PRICE AUTOMOTIVE WAREHOUSE INC.

Since then, our growth and progress has been phenomenal. We have Quadrupled our inventory, increased our lines, expanded our coverage area, lowered prices and improved our service. We have went High Tech from No Tech. In 1985, we had no computers and did everything manually. 

Fred's Off Road and Performance Center is the storefront for Price Automotive Warehouse. 

2017 -


In 2017, Fred's health began to decline rapidly and he decided to close the warehouse. With great regret Fred passed away May 18th, 2017. The buildings have been sold but his oldest daughter Jill Price Francis decided to take Fred's Off Road and Performance Center and it will remain open as an online business and will carry some of the merchandise sold from the original business. 

Fred loved his business and his customers. I am proud to say I will be carrying on his legacy. Fred was honest and geniune and was a friend to everyone. He will be greatly missed but will live on in every tag that is sold. 

Thank you in advance for your business. 

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Even if.....

But EVEN IF he doesn't, it wouldn't make a bit of difference, O king. We still wouldn't serve your gods or worship the gold statue you set up." 

Daniel 3:18

About Me

I wanted to have a section where you could get to know me a little. I am Jill Price Francis and I was born and raised in Caldwell County and when I was growing up Fred used to sell on the road to his customers. Most of you became to be like family and I know about you from the stories Fred used to tell. Through working with Fred I have heard the jokes and the cutting up he used to do with you and I have seen most of you through delivering back when I was younger. As an online business I fear I will lose that connection we had with everyone because we will only communicate by phone or email. 

So here is a little about me.  I was brought in a Christian home and love the Lord. I am Fred Price's oldest daughter. I have one sister and four children. When Fred passed away I decided to continue on with the family business.  I am currently working from home and attending school to obtain a degree in psychology.  

Things I love:

  • Talking and getting to know people
  • Reading
  • Listening to anything uplifting, motiviational or you can learn 
  • Crossfit
  • Running
  • Volleyball
  • Waterskiing/Boating/Tubing
  • Fishing